Best Deals On Desert Safari’s Dubai – Experience best Desert Safari

A must for everybody who is going to UAE. A memory space to talk about with your friends and relations back home, That is one safari you can’t do back. We recommend it highly and it’ll be worth it spent!

Desert Safari in Dubai

This tour departs in the afternoon or each day over the desert of Dubai with several photo-stops during a thrilling dune. The drive proceeds over the desert. Benefit from the beautiful sunset or Sunrise before achieving our campsite where you have the chance to execute a camel trip, fine sand boarding and try a henna design readily available or foot. Or Get the Falconary Experience. After working up an urge for food like a yummy barbecue Food and shisha (the famous Arabic drinking water tube). In the Camp you will watch the belly dancer executing throughout the campfire.


The desert safari motorists are professional and certified motorists who got trained on medical, the cars are fitted with roll cage to safeguard the occupants from being injured in case there is an accident, particularly in case of a roll-over in the desert which is very rare. Plus there are chair belts for each passenger. All Vehicles are 4×4 Land Cruisers made designed for the desert safari.

Desert Safari Deals – Fun things to do in the desert Safari Trip

You ought to have a camera if you are heading to a desert safari in Dubai as the views are breathing taking and awesome, you also should wear comfortable clothes and steer clear of earrings or expensive watch and mobile phones as there is absolutely no indication at the camps. It’s also highly recommended to try the Arabic espresso and the Hubbllee Bubblee (shisha) at the camp and tremble your tummy with the tummy dancer!

Quad Bicycle Safari

Quad bicycles in Dubai are a toast to every adventurer’s thirst which by itself can quench your adrenaline hurry.


It’s about the most elements of the desert safari. You can ski from the best dunes on the ski plank, everyone can get it done just like you fall the gentle sand will there be to capture you. An exciting experience and one which everyone must do a desert safari.

Falconary Experience

Among the Arabian customs is to truly have a falcon in your daily life. You can test this and keep a falcon on your hands. Which is a different experience for you?

Camel Trek

Another Popular activity in the desert is the camel trek. Benefit from the sunset when you are on the best dune going for the camp where you have beverages and dinner looking forward to you. That is a far more personal way to see the desert environment.

Henna Painting

A henna tattoo can be an ancient practice in India and the center East, Henna and Henna painting has been used for more than 100 years. The leaves of the henna flower are dried out and powdered to be combined into a paste which is utilized to dye the locks, epidermis, even and fingernails. The trend has spread so far as the fingertips and feet of Hollywood superstars wishing to work just a little Eastern mystique to their look. You should attempt it.