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Mount Rinjani has panorama nicest among mountains in Indonesia. Every year (June-August) seen nature lovers beginning with local residents, students, fans of nature. Temperature ranges average around 20 ° C; low 12 ° c. High winds at the very top are common in August. As well as the top of Mount Rinjani, frequently visited the place is the “Lake Segara Anak”, a lake is situated at an altitude of 2,000 m above sea level. To attain this location we can hike from the community of Senaru elevation of 600 m above sea level or community Sembalun Lawang elevations 1,150 m above sea level (both closest entryway at an elevation of 600 m above sea level and 1,150 m above sea level). HAJAR TREKKING is a reliable Rinjani trekking company; a local organization born of seasoned professional participants of long-time experience in trekking adventure. Specialized in organizing daily tour and trekking to Mount Rinjani and land-cruising tour trip on the main island of Lombok. We base in Senaru village, the main gate to Rinjani National Park.

Trekking Rinjani, Most climbers started the ascent from Sembalun Lawang community and expire the path climbing in Senaru, since it could save 700 m altitude. The path is long but relatively level Sembalun Lawang and the elements are hotter because through the sun-drenched savanna (winter but immediate solar radiation burn off). keeping the hot sunlight cream is strongly suggested. From Route, Senaru inclines without pause, but gently through the forest because of the elements. From both locations, it requires about 7 hours to walk to the crater Ridge at an altitude of 2.641 m above sea level (attained the crater or the crater Plawangan Senaru or Plawangan Sembalun crater). Within this place, a view within the Lake, as well as outwards so excellent Of Plawangan Senaru (if up from Senaru path) right down to the Lake through a steep wall structure to an elevation of 2,000 mdpl) which may be reached in 2 hours. Over the Lake, we’re able to camp, angling (Carper, Oreochromis Mossambicus) an awful great deal. Lombok’s inhabitants have a custom of going to Lake Segara Anak to soak in the outdoor hot springs and angling.

To attain the Summit (of the Lake) must walk the western wall climbing up to 700 m or more the ridge up to 1,000 m which is at the 2-stage 3-hour and 4 hours. The first stage of the last camp, Plawangan Sembalun crater to hold back for morning hours. Summit strike performed at 3 a.m. to get the Sunrise-beautiful minute at the top of Mount Rinjani. The trip to the very best is fair; credited to pursue at the lip of the crater with a margin of basic safety that is mediocre. The ground of sand, rock, earth. 200 meters the last elevation to be reached with difficulty since it is one step of progress, implemented a half-step down (gravel and stones crashed). Create this place-the highlander’s most challenging and popular because of the severe nature field takes care of with beautiful natural landscape. Mount Agung in Bali, the hill Roared in Banyuwangi and Mount Tambora on Sumbawa is obviously apparent when the elements are nice each day. To climb Mt. Rinjani unnecessary interest of climbers, enough strength, tools, and tolerance.

The complete journey is a three-day-two-night program, or if you want to start to see the other two objects: a fresh Cave and Hill Baru Jari (son of Mount Rinjani with a fresh crater in the center of the Lake) need more time a two-day trip. Logistical arrangements are required folks, but everything can be purchased from us. Tent, sleeping handbag, tableware, food and other things that are necessary and can be rented at our place. Indeed, from the very best of the hill Rinjani Caldera high eruption times of the rest of the pre-history. Such as for example discounted wedding cake cone bottomless arches, one part is the best peak. There is certainly some part of the street we tread in the feet prior to the expire of the summit of Mount Rinjani.