September 2016



For any common sightseeing journey a balance requirements to be struck among organized visits and free time permitting participants to sightsee for themselves. On Photo tours and photographic workshops in Cuba the balance moves heavily in courtesy of the planned actions. It is vital that arrangements turn round the photography, filling the greatest of the



Private tours can be completely customized to satisfy your needs. As an example if you want to take a different path, make a cycle shorter or longer, alter the start and end time or visit an alternative drawing card, please contact us directly and we may organize a tour to fit your needs and Vancouver


Tour Packages to Vietnam

Vietnam is a great blend of natural highlights and cultural differences. The view ranges from spiked tops seen from winding mountain goes down to verdant paddy fields painted each shade of green in the palette, while the country’s long history and astonishing number of ethnic minorities imply that society vultures will discover plenty to appreciate.